Conditions of use

  1. Delivery Address Accuracy
    • I confirm that my delivery address is 100% accurate and includes any applicable apartment, unit, or suite numbers.
    • I agree to pay a $10.00 delivery intercept fee if my delivery address must be changed while enroute.
    • I agree to pay a $10.00 address correction fee, which is automatically billed to us after the package is delivered, if UPS must correct an invalid delivery address.
    • I agree to pay a $10.00 package recovery fee, if a delivery driver must attempt to recover my package that was delivered to the wrong address, which I provided.
    • I agree to pay the costs incurred to reship if the product is returned and must be reshipped to your address.
    • I agree to pay all product and delivery costs incurred if I have provided an incorrect delivery address. I understand that I will not be reimbursed if I have provided an incorrect delivery address and the order is unrecoverable.
  2. Return Policy
    I have read and accept the Return Policy.
  3. Chargebacks
    I agree to contact Top Shape Supplments (service @ topshapesupplements dot com) and allow them to resolve any problems with my order prior to performing a chargeback. If I perform a chargeback prior to contacting Top Shape Supplements, I agree to pay all chargeback fees incurred along with the product and shipping cost if the order was received.