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VNS Aditrim 90 capsules  $25.70 

VNS Aditrim 90 capsules What is Aditrim?

Aditrim is the ultimate weight regulation dietary supplement and the answer for anyone who has ever struggled with their weight. Aditrim is the achievement of several years of nutraceutical research resulting into a patent pending formula. This novel and unobvious nutraceutical formulation consists of four different herbal proprietary blends designed to promote healthy body weight via a multi faceted approach. The promotion of healthy body weight must involve diet, exercise, and supplementation in an attempt to regulate several complex physiological functions. The successful promotion of healthy body weight cannot be accomplished by attempting to suppress a single hormone like some inferior products would like you think.

How does Aditrim work?

Aditrim alters body composition by shifting the lean body mass/adipose tissue ratio in favor of lean body mass. The Thermostenin™ blend consists of a revolutionary combination of Dahurian Angelica Root and Polygonum multiflorum. The active standardized ingredients are imperatorin and emodin. It is the most potent of the four herbal blends and functions as an oxidative uncoupler, nitric oxide regulator, fatty acid synthase inhibitor, and anti-lipolytic hormone inhibitor. In other words Thermostenin™ burns calories at rest, inhibits the fat storage enzyme, increases fat burning hormones, and decreases fat storing hormones.

The Xanthol™ blend contains Theobroma coca and Yerba mate. This state of the art blend functions as a lipolysis initiator and gastric emptying inhibitor. Theobroma coca is standardized to contain methyl xanthines such as theobromine, while Yerba mate is standardized to contain the methyl xanthines caffeine and theobromine in addition to glycosides and mate saponins. Methyl xanthines promote fat burning and stop the enzymes that turn off fat burning. Yerba mate has been shown to decrease body weight and gastric emptying resulting in fat loss and appetite suppression.

The Teaplex™ blend consists of a new generation of trimming teas that surpass the outdated green tea. Oolong tea is standardized to contain caffeine, polyphenols and catechins while Kohki tea is standardized to contain astibilin and toxifolin. Oolong Tea extract and Kohki Tea extract promote fat burning and prolong the fat burning process. Oolong Tea extract has been found to enhance weight loss via enhanced metabolic rate. Kohki Tea extract facilitates fat burning processes by enhancing the hormones involved in breakdown of fat for energy.

The Appevin™ blend consists of an amazing extract of Horse chesnut and Ligustrum licidum. This blend delays gastric emptying and glucose absorption and thus results in appetite suppression and less plasma insulin secretion. Horse chesnut contains several different types of escins and Ligustrum licidum contains oleanic acid. Delaying gastric emptying causes a meal to leave the stomach and enter the small intestine over a longer period of time thus making you feel fuller. It also slows the digestion of carbohydrate to glucose resulting in less insulin being released. Insulin is the fat storing hormone, which causes less fat burning and increased hunger. So the less insulin secreted the better.

Why Aditrim?

VNS cares about its customers and goes to every extent possible to ensure the best quality supplements. We only utilize standardized herbal extracts and every product undergoes years of nutraceutical research and development. Simply stated Aditrim is the single most potent weight loss supplement you can buy without a prescription. Aditrim is designed to be part of healthy exercise and eating plan in order to facilitate long-term weight regulation, which should be the ultimate goal of every dieter.

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