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Absolution Absolution - By Shawn Phillips

Absolution - By Shawn PhillipsAbsolution - By Shawn Phillips
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Absolution - By Shawn Phillips
Absolution - By Shawn Phillips

Absolution - By Shawn Phillips Details:

ABSolution: The Practical Solution for Building Your Best Abs

Foreword by Bill Phillips
Workout, Nutrition and Fitness Guide

ABSolution is Shawn Phillips' success story with practical, never before published secrets to help you succeed as well! It's a truly unique combination of personality, inspiration, and guidance.

ABSolution reveals an effective common sense approach in a fitness industry where common sense is not common at all. Through this easy-to-read book, Shawn will teach you:

- How to not just flatten but define and separate the abdominal muscles, creating that coveted "six-pack" look.
- Why he refuses to "diet" and why he urges you to do the same.
- The truth about spot reduction of fat and why this myth is at the root of millions of fitness failures.
- Why doing hundreds, even thousands of sit-ups doesn't guarantee you a set of sculpted abs, and may actually do more harm than good.
- How to turn ordinary aerobics into a powerful fat-burning and ab-defining exercise.

Armed with the information in this book, you'll be able to move forward with renewed clarity, commitment and confidence. Shawn's comprehensive plan will put you on the right path - a journey that does require your hard work and dedication, but one which will absolutely, positively help you lose fat, build muscle definition and sculpt your own absolutely fantastic abs.

More importantly, he shows you that hard work and dedication alone are not enough to produce the results most people are looking for - you have to follow an intelligent plan. And in today's world of over-hyped and under-performing "quick fixes" for building better abs, finding a voice of reason has become a real challenge.

The good news is there is a solution - a practical solution for building your best abs! And that solution is clearly revealed in the book you will have at your finger tips now. ABSolution incorporates the many lessons Shawn Phillips has learned through 20 years of his own pursuit of building a better body. More of the hard won secrets he will share with you personally in these pages include:

- Precisely which foods you should and shouldn't eat, as well as the most important time each day to start feeding your body and when to stop.
- Exactly which supplements will and won't help you build muscle, burn fat, and improve your health.
- The truth, backed by scientific studies, about which ab exercise devices and machines really work, and which ones dont'.
- Important facts about liposuction, the most popular surgical procedure in America today, and its true risks
- How to determine if you're exercising too much or not enough, and why getting it "just right" can be the difference between rapid, satisfying progress and a frustrating lack of results.

It also incorporates his countless hours of scientific research and real-world experience gained by helping numerous world-class athletes and people from all walks of life successfully reach their fitness goals. ABSolution is not a quick-fix, nor is it a "simple and easy" way to get in great shape. It's an effective, scientifically safe and sound approach. And, it's a common sense approach in a fitness industry where common sense is not common at all.

Absolution - By Shawn Phillips
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